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05 November 2012 @ 07:44 pm
The day me and my friend was supposed to leave the Bay Area didn't go as planned because of the problem that occurred on the car I rented. I really thought that we won't be leaving and will not be attending the first original date of the concert. I was annoyed, frustrated and angry at the same time. I am really thankful to my mom who let me borrow her credit card and was willing to rent a car for us.

Then the journey began. It was a smooth ride, little problems such as getting lost. But that's it.

The day of the concert, my plan was to go there at about 4 or 5:30ish in the afternoon because the lines to get in will not start until 6:30 and the concert will start at 8:30ish. I thought that was a good time to go there but when we visited the place at about 12:30, it was already full of people and most of them are in the VIP section. But there are still a lot of general admission ticket holders so we decided to just stay and wait there. We were there so early and waited until the queue to go inside the venue.

At about 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon they announced that any photographic equipments are not allowed inside. I was bummed. Because I brought 2 DSLR camera with long lenses hoping to take pictures of everyone. I was thinking about sneaking it in but people said that they are inspecting bags and there were sensors after the inspection. In the end, I left the cameras inside the car and just took my Samsung Galaxy SII inside since they said the phones are allowed.


At about 6:30, they started letting people in, me and my friend was near the line in front so we were able to go in the earliest. My seat was row 412 letter G number 9. It wasn't near BIGBANG but it was a good seat because I am able to see everything that is going on all around the arena. At about 8 o'clock, the concert is near it's starting point, but the arena was still empty and I was afraid that there weren't may people but I was surprise that there were a lot of people attended the concert and less empty seat.

The concert started on time and smoothly. Our section were the first one who saw them come out and go to the respective place on the tube because we were beside the stage and can see them walking out of the stage.

Everything was amazing from start to finish.

Daesung and Seungri are exceptionally amazing on their vocals. All through out the concert, they were able to sing their perspective line without pausing and even breathing through the microphone. I feel like Taeyang needs to lay off with the dance, and just do it when it's necessary or once in a while because by the second song, he was already tired and couldn't continue on singing his lines and just relied adlibbing his lines and relying on the backtrack of the song. G-Dragon and TOP did what they gotta do and did it amazingly as well.

Once the concert started everyone stood up, jumped and screamed out loud. It was an amazing and electrifying night for everyone. Before the concert, some people handed out blue light sticks for the 'Blue' project while BIGBANG is singing the song, but most people didn't turn off their yellow crown light stick so that one failed. Even the 'Fantastic Baby' light stick failed and the 'Birthday Song' for TOP that was planned to be sang after the third song failed as well. It was a good thing that Seungri initiated the Birthday song for TOP with cake as well. That was the only flaw that was that I saw that night.

Everything about this concert was perfectly executed in my eyes. There were mistakes here and there but who cares. A malfunction wardrobe happened to Taeyang but it was cool. It happened during after the first song and they were heading to sing the second song. His jacket was caught and got stuck on his right wrist and he was having a hard time taking it off. Two people was needed to pull it off of him. I think that was funny and I laughed out loud while watching it. But he still sang his parts and did it professionally. Overall, everything went smoothly.

This was my first concert, my first drive to L.A. farther that what I usually drive. Everything is worth the money that I spent during this time. If opportunity arises once more, I'll definitely go once again.
As you can see from the pictures I took, they are not high resolution photos and they are mostly Seungri and Daesung because some of the photos of the other members were either blur or very very bright. And I took a lot of photos of these two because they are my favorite member.

Here's GD&TOP with their rides. :)

I took most of my photos on the screen that was located near our section because of the light that was shining on the stage makes the photos really really bright. And my phone can't take far photos.
Going to the concert was an awesome experience!!! :)
06 September 2012 @ 02:15 pm
I decided to continue on putting DL LINKS for the videos or songs that I subbed and uploaded in my youtube channel. As for songs and albums, I will not put DL LINKS because I think they were the reason why my old mediafire was suspended.

Anyways, I am going to put links for the old videos that I have in my old channels so it can be downloaded. The major announcement that I want everyone know is that the post for the subbed videos are now for members only. If you're not a member of this community, you won't see the DL LINKS for any videos. I apologize for the inconvenience.
19 July 2012 @ 02:10 pm
As you may have notice, all the download links that are posted in here are gone.
The accounts I am using, used, for mediafire has been suspended.

The files that were on my mediafire accounts is gone because my hard drive crash and I have a new one now. Most of the subbed videos were uploaded in my youtube channels; here, here and here . These channels have 2 warnings for copyrighted videos so I have a new channel, again; here.

I am thinking of downloading and uploading the videos from my youtube channels and update the DL links here but there's nothing concrete. I might put new DL links for my new subbed videos from my recent youtube channel.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
05 October 2010 @ 05:14 pm

         HELLO and WELCOME
It's me again, if you know me, hello, if not, then, hi. I've been coming back and forth here, since my wordpress has been suspended, i think, I am crawling back here again. You might remember me as themizkrazykool from wordpress or youtube. Or, you might know me as jstasimplesub from, ah, youtube. I post/share albums and sub songs/music videos. If my blog from wordpress is officially suspended and deleted then from now on, I will share them here.

This community is a FRIENDLY ONE! I am an outgoing person, I don't get angry but if push hard, I will get angry.

1. I will answer questions as much as I can.
2. I will fulfill any requests as much as I can.
3. If you're expecting new releases, don't. Because I only post albums/songs/sub videos that I have.
1. I don't expect any comments at every post but a 'THANK YOU' is much appreciated.
2. If you take out something, especially my sub videos/songs, please, credit me as well as the one i credited in the video.
3. Please no bashing or hate comments.

1. Old and some new releases, albums or songs.
2. Singers from different genres and countries.
3. Subbed songs/videos.
4. Rambling and such from me. :]
Hoping that you and I can fulfill each of the expectations from above. 
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