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05 October 2010 @ 05:14 pm
First Entry Of The year  

         HELLO and WELCOME
It's me again, if you know me, hello, if not, then, hi. I've been coming back and forth here, since my wordpress has been suspended, i think, I am crawling back here again. You might remember me as themizkrazykool from wordpress or youtube. Or, you might know me as jstasimplesub from, ah, youtube. I post/share albums and sub songs/music videos. If my blog from wordpress is officially suspended and deleted then from now on, I will share them here.

This community is a FRIENDLY ONE! I am an outgoing person, I don't get angry but if push hard, I will get angry.

1. I will answer questions as much as I can.
2. I will fulfill any requests as much as I can.
3. If you're expecting new releases, don't. Because I only post albums/songs/sub videos that I have.
1. I don't expect any comments at every post but a 'THANK YOU' is much appreciated.
2. If you take out something, especially my sub videos/songs, please, credit me as well as the one i credited in the video.
3. Please no bashing or hate comments.

1. Old and some new releases, albums or songs.
2. Singers from different genres and countries.
3. Subbed songs/videos.
4. Rambling and such from me. :]
Hoping that you and I can fulfill each of the expectations from above. 
Current Music: Se7en - I'm Going Crazy